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Color Inspirations

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Spring Refresh

It's the perfect time to refresh our surroundings with joyful mood-lifting colors. Focusing on a positive and sunny palette inspired by nature, cheery yellow combines with natural greens and soft neutrals for a beautiful balance. With a few easy tips and tricks, you can bring this energizing lift just in time for the new season without a complete overhaul, and we'll show you how it's done.  

Celebrate the arrival of warm sunshine with this combination of Fire Dance, Pout and Nilla Vanilla. Fire Dance brings a soft contemporary feel and works best in accents when paired with the warming glow of Pout. Easy on the eye and instantly welcoming, these colors are a fresh take on a classic combination. 

Bring a welcome coziness to your bedroom with Pout. This warm neutral looks great used in all over application but can also be highlighted with lighter tones such as Nilla Vanilla to bring out the tinted hues. Enhance your comfort with deep textured soft furnishings and spring flowers to reinvent your space in a few easy steps.

  For a real zesty punch look to Glendale, this natural green has a clean and energizing mood perfect for lounge rooms and shared spaces. Highlight the modern feel of Glendale with white. This combination can create exciting zoning effects and harmonizes beautifully with warm woods and tonal furnishings for a complete seasonal update.

Create a calming atmosphere this spring with hints of Fire Dance and Pout, these natural partners are sure to give a gentle spring lift to your room. Or be bold this season and discover the power of Buttered Popcorn, this punchy yellow will add immediate ray of sunshine to any space whether as a brave all-over application or a considered accent.

For the next article we'll explore a new color palette as inspiration for your exterior spaces. 

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