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Color Inspirations

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Summer Whites

An easy way to brighten up your home during Summer is to use light and refreshing color and white or tinted whites can be a great way to achieve this. With a soft touch this palette has a delicate feel perfect for creating a calming atmosphere. Follow our simple steps and advice and discover the ultimate sanctuary within your home with these yellow, blue and pink tinted white shades. ​ 

  For a modern feel in your bedroom use Sugar Dust and Pink Dust, pairing these colors is sure to update and refresh your space. The subtle tint of Pink Dust adds a warming element that ensures this combination is inviting and cosy for your bedroom. Accessorize this color scheme with rose copper and delicate textiles in matching pink and white.

For a clean and clear mood in the kitchen combine Sugar Dust with Barely White and Sweet Spring. With a timeless finish these colors will add a contemporary feel to your kitchen and create a blank canvas to decorate and style as you wish. These colors also work well with geometrics tiles and light woods for an understated look.  

For an easy color scheme, try a combination of colors from the palette and in a large open living room space this can be successful to bring together different areas. Barely White and Sugar Dust can be used to accent one another in a classic style while Sweet Spring and Cool Sky can bring a tinted and modern aesthetic.  

A universally fresh and crisp choice, white can work in just about any location. This palette of whites can combine to complement most interior spaces with tints that blend together these colors are a ready-made collection for easy application. This palette is perfect for all year round and can be warmed up in Winter using wood and textiles but stripped back for Summer with plants and all over paint application.

For the next article we'll explore a refreshing blues palette that will give you inspiration for updating your interior spaces. 

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